Executive Summary

A large online retailer had a vast and difficult process to manage multiple projects within their National distribution centers. The client wanted to track all the relationships, projects and economic incentives for building distribution centers and offices across the United States. Smartek21 was able to answer this challenge visioning and delivering a state of the art portal build on client selected technology; which tracked every single aspect of distribution relationships and policies.


For the large online retailer, each geographic location had unique set of demands and requirements that must be met in order for the retailer to do business. These demands and requirements have unique sets of data points and documents that needed to be managed by the retailer. For years, the client team was managing all the requirements and documentation using large manual spreadsheets and emails, which were both cumbersome and prone to errors.



Smartek21 envisioned a solution involved a new portal based on SharePoint 2013.  Microsites were created by state, by location and by project to help manage the work. Content was rolled up at the state level allowing holistic views of the projects and incentives.

Smartek21 built and developed this system and has been actively maintaining it. As the system requirements evolve, Smartek21 guiding the process and working with the business to achieve their goals.   The solution tracked real time activity that enable client understand their supply distribution which has become a daily and effective solution for the large online retailer.



The results immediately improved workflow for the client. Within three clicks, any information about any documents or requirements in relation to a project or geographic location can be found in the portal. Instead of spreadsheets and scattered documentation, our client now has a centralized location and process to manage a complex landscape. As a result, our client is now able to save tens of thousands of hours per year.

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