Smart Products for Accelerated Enterprises enable faster integration and implementation. We offer self-service and dedicated platform solutions for multimedia content, healthcare applications, and data management.

SmartBotHub™ is the exciting next generation of Conversational Messaging User Interface (UI) that runs over any consumer or enterprise messaging application. This enables enterprises to more effectively engage with their customers and provide enriched collaboration and efficiencies for their employees.  The platform is extremely agile and incorporates such industry leading capabilities as:

  • Targeting specific user audiences and enabling best in class user experiences for the consumer or employee services they interact with.
  • Write a BOT ONCE and Deploy on ALL message platforms.
  • Rich transactional data analytics dashboards to grow wiser in how your customers purchase and how employees work.


The Smartek21 team can help you go to market with compelling experiences for customers and improve employee productivity!


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Enterprise Cloud Connect™

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ (ECC) is a “hyper” acceleration platform that elegantly integrates disparate applications to UNLOCK new levels of enterprise employee productivity. Does improving efficiency by over 50% sound compelling? Well that’s what our customers typically experience. ECC combines the flexibility and ease of use of SharePoint® Services from Microsoft® and Mobile platform technologies with the management controls of your systems of record, including SAP®, PeopleSoft®, Salesforce® K2®, Marketo®, Taleo®, and many more. Key capabilities inherent in ECC are:

  • Rules engines and policy management that enable improved workflows
  • One simple administrAnative User Interface
  • Data Integration Engine

The Smartek21 team can enable your organization to become more competitive and relevant with your customers while lowering your cost of solution ownership on technology assets with Enterprise Cloud Connect.

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ScopraMedia™ platform is the exciting next generation of enterprise Multi-Media Content Management and Access. Video form and structure in today’s world basically dictates what an employee or customer consumes. It’s like watching TV programing and being forced to watch commercials when you don’t want to. ScopraMedia is like having the power to record, fast forward, replay. It unlocks the value inside your multimedia content. Power tools are available in ScopraMedia including:

  • “Favorites” like functionality for tagging and cataloguing media content for easy user access
  • Publish media content that is easier to find via searches
  • Video to text translation engine with multi-language support

You already know powerful and valuable multimedia content is for education, training, company messaging. The Smartek21 team can help you design and deploy on ScopraMedia a powerful multimedia content platform that will take your enterprise to another level.


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